Verge coaches are certified career professionals- dedicated to their craft and in endless pursuit of further knowledge.  We understand the needs of our athletes as individuals and approach each person as such.  At Verge, fitness is not our hobby, it is our profession.



For Nick, a life in fitness began on weekday mornings watching his mom high kick to Jane Fonda tapes in leg warmers and a leotard.   Through his love of competitive sports, he developed the desire to train, compete, and enhance regularly.  In 2011, Nick was able to turn his passion for fitness into a profession, opening the first of Verge’s two locations in Conshohocken.  He has dedicated himself to his team and community since. 

Through CrossFit, Nick teaches his athletes about the inherent physical and mental value of living fit.  He coaches them to understand that peak physical fitness requires a tenacity and toughness applicable beyond the box.  Nick has a passion for the technical aspect of human movement and prides himself on his comprehensive knowledge of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and CrossFit as a sport. Devoted to his members as friends and athletes, Nick embodies the Verge mission.

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Clayton's inception to the greater CrossFit community began in the spring of 2012.  As a coach, Clay is known for his ability to foster others toward their highest potential. He truly gives his best to each athlete, each class.  Clay has a relentless pursuit of knowledge and continues to enhance himself personally and professionally. 

In addition to CrossFit, Clay has been actively coaching and participating in Special Olympics Basketball and Softball for over 10 years. His specialty is in the realm of the century-old sport of Olympic Weightlifting.  

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Robert joined the Verge family of coaches in 2011 and has been in integral part to the formation and growth of Verge’s personal mission.  Coming from a background of fitness and nutrition expertise, Rob’s skills make him an asset that is incomparable. He currently writes for an international fitness blog as the nutrition guru, and his constant thirst for the latest and cutting edge information keep him ahead of the curve.

Teenage struggles with weight have propelled Robert to learn from his obstacles and achievements to create strong relationships with his athletes.  When he is not in the gym or writing articles he is often found with his brother and sister.  Rob proves day in and day out to live, breathe and sweat our mission and belief system at Verge. 

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At the young age of seventeen, Colette moved to New York City and dove into a career as a professional dancer/ choreographer.  She traveled to choreograph and perform as far as Japan, but always had a sweet spot for her home in Philly with her family.  After some persuasion from her brothers, Colette eventually decided to give CrossFit a try.  What began as curiosity quickly transformed into a passion.  With twelve years experience teaching packed classes and performing for large audiences it's no wonder she has a real knack for coaching and competing.

Colette brings a creative coaching style to her classes. She has high expectations for her athletes and is known to be very efficient in her coaching. Between her extremely outgoing personality and love of laughter Colette’s class makes for an entertaining hour.  Colette prides herself on being infinitely available to her athletes.  She is a Coach who truly cares.

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A recent graduate of Villanova University with a degree in biology, Jon is a huge asset to the Verge Team. With years of experience in baseball and track, Jon’s original transition into CrossFit was seemingly effortless.  Always grinning ear to ear, Jon makes for not only an approachable coach but knowledgeable beyond his years.  He is passionate about his profession and dedicates himself to honing his craft. 

As a mobility enthusiast Jon is known as the go to guy for your daily aches and pain, as he is able to provide many simples individual solutions for his athletes. A combination of brute strength, high-energy and charisma makes Coach Jon one of a kind. 

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Fitness and competition have always played a huge role in Chelsey’s life.  It started when she was 5 years old and swam in her first swimming meet. The second that gun went off, she was hooked.  After many years of swimming, moving all over the world and starting a family; it was time for a change and the great search began. From spinning classes to running marathons, she tried it all, but nothing seemed to satisfy her competitive spirit and thirst for knowledge. 

    Then in January 2011, Chelsey walked into her first Crossfit box and it changed her forever.  She has fully committed herself to the pursuit of excellence, both as an athlete and as a coach.  In CrossFit, Chelsey has found a physical and mental outlet unlike anything she has experienced before.

    Returning home to Pennsylvania, Chelsey joined the Verge family and hasn’t looked back. She shares the same excitement and passion as those around her and continues to learn, grow and live the Verge mission. 

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