...All my PREGNANT ladies put your hands up


You are now a human oven. Don’t panic, you can still keep up with your regularly scheduled fitness regimen with just a few modifications. Here is a list of simple movement modifications to keep both you and that special “package” safe. 


The burpee is an ever-changing movement throughout pregnancy. In the beginning, a simple squat thrust is the perfect substitute. As that baby starts to grow, adding a plate under your hands when going to the ground will decrease the “bend over” distance. Feel free to add a plate whenever there is discomfort. 

Box Jumps: 

The step-up is a perfect substitution. Need a little more challenge early on in your pregnancy, add some KB or DB for a little extra weight. Be careful in the late stages of pregnancy, balance can become an issue.


Contrary to what some people think, sit-ups are ok to continue to do as long as they are done is smaller sets. As pregnancy progresses and that belly grows, planks and hanging knee raises can be a great option. 

Push Ups: 

Push-Up modifications remain pretty much the same as what is commonly used for “non-baby” making bodies. Box Push-ups and Ring Push-ups are great ways to achieve full range of motion without squishing that baby.


 Running and jumping are perfectly acceptable for those of you with a “baby on board” as long as there is no discomfort. If they aren’t in your wheelhouse, movements such as Assault Bike, Russian KBS and Slam Balls will achieve the same stimulus.

It’s getting kinda serious now……

So now your belly is officially in the way and a straight bar path is pretty much impossible... What Now!!???

Using dumbbells in place of a barbell during movements such as Cleans and Deadlifts can make for a more comfortable and effective workout.

Just like Dory says, “Just keep swimming” (if you don’t get that reference, you will soon because your adult movie days are numbered, lol)... This is a tough time for all of us very fit and fabulous moms. But rest assured what you’re doing now sets you up for an easier comeback than Britney Spears (if you don’t get that reference, ask Coach Rob).