Why in the WOD?!

Monday 4/3/17


For Time...   

   200m Run

   30 x DB Thruster

   50 x Double Under

   200m Run

   20 x DB Thruster

   50 x Double Under

   200m Run

   10 x DB Thruster

   50 x Double Under


Time Domain: 10 – 15 minutes

Intensity: 85% (Moderate-High)  


On the menu:

We have three movements today that will tax you metabolically and quickly increase your heart rate. The combination of running and thrusters will tire your lower body while the addition of double unders will begin to fatigue your shoulders and grip. This work out falls perfect in that 10 to 15 minute sweet spot that allows us to attack both intensity and endurance. Because we are using dumbells instead of barbells today, it will be placing a greater emphasis on your core and overhead stability – don’t underestimate the weight!



Expect a warm-up that will prepare your nervous system for the intensity of this workout. A little sweat and heavy breathing is encouraged before hitting a tough WOD. Consider taking some time before class to roll out your feet and calves to get ready for the combination of running and jumping. 




Attack your weakness! If you are comfortable with thrusters and double unders then get ready to push that run. Aim to keep your runs hard and about 1 minute or less. This may force you to slow your efforts on your other movements but that is okay! On the other hand if you “cardio” athlete then look to gain some value from those thrusters. Either try a heavier pair of dumbells or try to go as unbroken as possible.