Why in the WOD?!

Thursday 4/10/17  


5 Rounds

   250m Row

   12 x TTB

   4 x Thruster (155/105)



3 ways to make the most out of this WOD


1.     How’s your rowing form?

We often forget about how many “reps” we do when rowing finds itself in a workout. How often do you think “Ahh it’s just rowing”? Poor positions, mechanics and movement patterns here will not only slow you down but make each ensuing exercise that much harder. If you find yourself struggling with rowing or workout rowing take today as an opportunity to slow down and actually work on it. Work smarter here not harder. 

2.     How to make yourself last longer….with TTB

I know what you are thinking already, 6, 6 or better yet 4,4,4, well there is another way. What about 10,2 or 9,3? It is easy to stuck in a cycle of I do TTB or any gymnastic movement is sets of 5 or I always split them in half, the problem with that is there will be limited progression. Sometimes it’s worth the challenge of trying to go unbroken or working with funky numbers to improve. That’s called threshold training and everyone can benefit. Talk to your coach about a good number for you to shoot for today!

3.     Thruster? I barely know 'er

Strength and explosive power all in one movement. You should expect a heavy weight on the bar, don’t shy away from it. In order to get a solid strength stimulus from today’s workout choose a weight that will MAKE you slow down before you can pick it up. Four hard reps and you are done, your goal should be to pick something heavier than you normally do!