VERGE Open Guide: 17.2

VERGE Open Guide




  AMRAP 12:

  2 Rounds

     50’ Walking Lunge

     16 x TTB

     8 x DB Power Clean (50/35)




  2 Rounds

     50’ Walking Lunge

     16 x Bar Muscle Up

     8 x DB Power Clean



Attempt this WOD 2-3 hours fasted. If you are working out in the morning, something small and easily digestible will likely be the theme throughout the Open. Typically, we are going to want to keep the body feeling light and we don’t want the body digesting while we are working out.

Night before, stick with foods you are familiar with. Do not overhaul your diet the night before a competition effort.

A little caffeine prior to WOD is okay and can help delay fatigue. We do not recommend dosing up on pre-workout (rapid heart rate increase induces feeling of panic mid WOD)



   1.     Smash Pecs/ Shoulders/ Lats and Traps (this one is all about upper body muscular endurance. Make sure upper body is feeling good)

   2.     Crossover symmetry Activation Protocol 

   3.     Roll Quads/ IT bands

   4.     Glute Activation: McKenzies/ Therapy band work/ Hip Bridges


Warm Up:


   ·      Get sweaty and achieve heavy breathing prior to attempt (must get aerobic)**

   ·      Increase body temp/ blood flow

   ·      Simulate demands of workout

   ·      Identify working pace

   ·      Practice technique/ transitions

   ·      Odd object movements – get familiar



   Budget 30+ minutes for prepping/ warming up.

   This may feel different from your average class experience. Stay open minded, it’s science.




   Row/ Bike/ Jog: ~2 minutes of each @ easy-moderate pace. Don’t be afraid to sweat and breathe a little heavy.



3 Rounds

     10 x Cal Row

     30 x Double Unders (inexpensive and keep HR in a good spot)

     10 x Walking Bodyweight Lunges ea.

     5 x Kip Swing



3 Rounds

     5 x DB Lunge ea. (at weight or building)

     3-5 x Pull Up/ C2B/ or Athlete Choice BMU *not to fatigue, just find the feeling

     4 x DB Power Cleans



   ·      Pacing will be crucial to save your grip

   ·      Should feel good entering round 3 (with BMU)

   ·      Keep the DBs back as far as possible on the lunges

             o   Rack deep on the shoulders / traps

             o   Find what’s comfortable before starting workout

   ·      Take “big” steps on lunges

   ·      Eliminate step together if possible

   ·      Take a break halfway through the lunges if you need it

   ·      If you don’t wear gymnastic grips don’t start today

            o   Watch chalk use to avoid hand rips

            o   Break up sets to avoid rips  

   ·      Break TTBs and BMUs / PUs immediately

            o   Athletes with 15-20+ TTB may consider breaking this into 2-3 sets

                 §  Ex. 6-5-5

            o   Athletes with fewer than 15 TTB may consider 4+ sets

                 §  Ex. 4-4-4-4 or 4-3-3-3-3

            o   BMUs / PUs: Don’t be afraid of short, comfortable sets. Don’t miss.

            o   Overall each set should feel manageable. Let the intensity come to you

   ·      Consider break up cleans into 7/1 or 6/2. Keeps arms fresh for lunges

   ·      Hold DB towards the end. Hook grip if you can 

   ·      Take a break halfway through the lunges if you need it



   ·      Cool Down (immediately post WOD)

             1.  5 min Bike or Row (easy)

             2.  Light jog/ walk

             3.  10+ minutes of full body stretching

   ·      Liquid Nutrition/ Protein shake within 30 mins.

   ·      Full meal 1-1.5 hours post WOD (keep it simple)

   ·      Hydrate

   ·      Foam Roll/ Stretch in PM

·      20 min Row/ Jog/ or Bike on following day


Final thoughts:

Have a plan for the TTB / BMU and stick to it. This workout will depend on how well you can save your grip for the later rounds.  It’s not won in the first 2 rounds, especially athletes who can BMU well.