VERGE Open Guide: 17.5

VERGE Open Guide



10 Rounds

                 9 x Thrusters (95/65)

                 35 x Double Under



Last full meal roughly 3 hours ahead of attempt. Easily digestible, fast acting carbs okay up to 30 minutes prior. Stay light!

Fruit or other easily digestible carbs with lean protein within 30min of WOD



          1.     General Foam Roll (quads/lats/IT bands): 5-10 minutes

          2.     Open OH: Smash Traps

          3.     Couch Stretch: 2-3 min/ side minimum prescription. Unlock those hips to avoid back pain

          4.     KB Calf/ Ankle Smash and stretch: 2-3 minutes ea. Side

          5.     Glute activation: Hip bridges/ McKenzies/ Back extensions- look for “peak contraction”


Warm Up:


          · Blood flow! Athletes should spend considerably more time warming up for this workout than doing it.

          · Get aerobic. 15+ minutes aerobic prior to attempt

          · Find rate of movement prior to WOD. What will be sustainable?




3 Rounds

            400m Row

            10 x Russian Swing (70/53)

            8 x Goblet Squat

            6 x EB Strict Press

            *1 min Rest



               4 Rounds

               6 x Thrusters (Men: 75/95/115/135) (Women: 45/65/85/95)

               20 x Double Under

                *Place rope neatly behind you for ease of use next round





· This WOD is simple but brutal

· 85% intensity.  

· This is not a race to get tired. Stay poised through the first 5 rounds and expect the rest to just hurt. It is just discomfort…stick it out

· Thrusters:

          o   Exhale at the top of every rep/ inhale on descent

          o   Do not try to speed up your rep cycle.

          o   Save hip “pop” for later rounds

          o   1-2 sets MAX

· Double Under:

          o   Going fast produces 0 advantage if it causes even 1-2 missed reps. Double unders are inherently quick. Think accuracy and go unbroken

          o   Don’t throw your rope. Place it down neatly. Use this time as a “rest”

· Mental:

          o   This WOD is going to hurt. It is all about how much you can tolerate it.

          o   Embrace the burn. Count breaths and go to your dark place for rounds 7-10.



· Cool Down (immediately post WOD)

          1.     5 min Bike or Row (easy)

          2.     **Crossover symmetry Recovery Protocol**

          3.     2 Rounds

                  1:30 Couch Stretch ea.

                  1:00 Shoulder Extension

· Liquid Nutrition/ Protein shake within 30 mins.

· Full meal 1-1.5 hours post WOD (keep it simple)

· Hydrate

· 20 min Row/ Jog/ or Bike on following day


Final thoughts:

As mentioned, this WOD is a brutal way to wrap up the Open. There are no more “competition” efforts to prepare for. Focus on putting yourself in the best position to succeed and leaving it all on the floor. No escape!