VERGE Open Guide: 17.4

VERGE Open Guide



     AMRAP 13:

     55 x Deadlift (225/155)

     55 x Wall Ball (20/14)

     55 x Cal Row

     55 x HSPU



Back to 2-3 hours fasted. Protein and some easy carbs 60-90 minutes prior to attempt. Typically, we are going to want to keep the body feeling light and we don’t want the body digesting while we are working out.



     1.     General Foam Roll (back/quads/lats): 5-10 minutes

     2.     Open OH: Smash Traps and or Pecs

     3.     Couch Stretch: 2-3 min/ side minimum prescription. Unlock those hips to avoid back pain

     4.     Back Extensions: 3 x 8-10 (or other glute activation exercises…hip bridge/ mckenzie)


Warm Up:


     ·      Blood flow! This WOD features lots of heart displacement (hinging/ getting upside down). To prevent blood pooling in head/ low back we need to get the whole body flushed with blood and moving well beforehand.

     ·      Increase body temp. Get sweaty!

     ·      Prepare the hip hinge




2-3 Rounds

    200m Row

    10 x Russian Swing (70/53)

    2 x Wall Climb



5 Rounds

     DL x 10/8/6/4/2 Progressive (Rd of 8 or 6 should be WOD weight)

     Wall Ball x 5

     HSPU x 2-4

     *For athletes capable of 5 HSPU or less, adjust warm up volume accordingly. We are looking to grease the groove, not exhaust ourselves.



     ·      80% intensity. Settle in.

     ·      This is not a race to get tired. We are breaking down movements to avoid a spiked heart rate and delay muscle fatigue. Don’t “look for the burn”…it will find you and crush you.

·      Deadlifts:

               o   If you are capable of bigger sets (10+) afford yourself ~8-10 sec rest b/w sets

               o   If you are doing smaller sets (5-6) afford yourself 3-5 sec rest b/w sets

               o   Some may consider a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep scheme

               o   There are so many variations on how to achieve 55 reps. Ultimately you are looking to manage work/ rest in a way that doesn’t leave you crushed coming off the bar. We are never “pushing” for another rep.

               o   Move calmly and breathe

               o   Goal: Sub 3 minutes. Stronger athletes: Sub 2:30

·      Wall Ball:

               o   Similar to DL. Manage sets to stay comfortable

               o   Exhale up/ Inhale down. Count breaths

               o   Goal: 3-5 sets or (2:30-3 minutes)

 ·      Rower:

               o   ~1250 cal/hr: 2:30-2:45 to completion

               o   ~1100 cal/hr: 2:45-3:00 to completion

               o   ~950 cal/hr 3:15-3:30 to completion 

               o   Start at and settle into a pace that allows you to stay productive for 2:30-3+ minutes

·      HSPU:

               o   Set up: Hands together OH, elbows locked…do not “reach” or shrug shoulders…that makes things harder (it is hard enough)

               o   Manage work/ rest so that you aren’t fighting for the final rep of each set.

               o   Sets and reps will look a lot different per athlete. Know your gymnastic conditioning and don’t waste valuable energy on “big,” early sets. Its all relative (big sets still probably shouldn’t be more than 40-45% of max effort set)

               o   Avoid hyperextension. Belly tight, butt squeezed to stay “neutral” in the spine. This is especially important for athletes who expect to complete 1+ rounds. Flex toes towards face at top of the rep



·      Cool Down (immediately post WOD)

          1.     5 min Bike or Row (easy)

          2.     **Crossover symmetry Recovery Protocol**

          3.     10+ minutes of full body stretching

·      Liquid Nutrition/ Protein shake within 30 mins.

·      Full meal 1-1.5 hours post WOD (keep it simple)

·      Hydrate

·      Foam Roll/ Stretch in PM

·      20 min Row/ Jog/ or Bike on following day


Final thoughts:

Fairly easy WOD to forecast a “reach,” “target,” and “safe” score. Budget a realistic 80% effort working time...not a “best possible” time for each movement.