Performance Class


As our community continues to grow, we are excited to expand our schedule to feature an all new Performance Class starting Monday Feburary 6th from 7:00-8:30 pm. These 90 minute classes will be used as a platform for our interested athletes to take their training to the next level, whether it be Rookie Rumble or the CrossFit Games it will provide an outlet for our competitive athletes. 


Questions & Answers

Athlete: Is this for me?

Verge Staff: Yes, if you are interested in competing or currently preparing for a competition of any level this class is for you! 


AthleteCoach…it’s my first week at Verge, should I come?

Verge Staff: We love your enthusiasm. Let’s spend a little more time getting our feet wet in classes and talk about some goals to move you forward in this direction.


AthleteI’m doing Festivus, a scaled competition, can I still come?

Verge Staff: Yes, don’t be scared by the word competitive – we fully expect to have athletes scaling and modifying the workouts we will be doing in order to facilitate their needs and goals. 


AthleteWhy is it 90 minutes? What can I expect in that time?

Verge Staff: Diving into subjects such as high skill movements, WOD strategy and team communication will require extra time and attention. This fast-paced curriculum is designed to challenge the needs of the competitive athlete. You can expect some iteration of the daily WOD and extra work with some fun and challenging twists. You can also expect more volume – simply put there will be more work to do than in regular classes. 


AthleteDo I need to come every Monday?

Verge Staff: Come when you can. If you miss a class or two that’s ok, you can hop right back in the next week! 


            If you have any other questions, please talk to your coach. We will be happy to help you decide what is best for you and your goals. The first class will start on Monday February 6th at our Conshohocken location from 7:00-8:30 pm.