Member of the Month

Domenick Addesi!



Member of the month is an honor that is earned by members who have gone beyond "just working out" to contribute positively to our community as a whole.  Each month, we select a member to recognize based on (but not limited too) their ability to exemplify the following: 

  1. A commitment to greatness
  2. Emphasis on movement standards
  3. Supportive of classmates (we are a TEAM!) 
  4. Introduces themselves to new faces
  5. A positive contribution to the classroom atmosphere- positive energy and enthusiasm
  6. Active participation and engagement throughout each aspect of class
  7. Dedicated to improvement and progress
  8. Shows pride for our community and shares it with others
  9. Wears and represents our box well
  10. Open to giving us feedback to improve overall experience


Time with us at Verge:

3 years, 8 months on 9/8/16. Started at cffw one month into the doors opening. Never wanted to leave. Now I can’t. 

Favorite thing about Verge: 

Without a doubt, the community.  Not only am I inspired daily, but the motivation, the drive, the support of everyone around is what keeps me going.  I love that I can come in there, even on my worst of days and leave with a solid workout, and a smile that I didn’t know was coming.  From the coaches/staff to the newest member to “graduate” elements, Everyone is simply great.  I also like that there is always plenty of chalk on hand.  Keep that up.

Greatest accomplishment:  

Learning to be more consistent [in my workouts].  Consistency is essential to any success.    Inside and outside the gym.

Favorite movement/lift:  

Muscle-ups and running!!

One goal you are currently working on:  

Stringing 10-15 MU’s, a sub-20 minute 5k run, and getting my Oly lifting numbers up. Can we say Stretching!!  It would be nice to hit 100+ DU’s..   Someday.  I am also working on using less chalk.  But not really.

One thing people might not know about me

I’m sort of an open book, so people know a lot about me.  But there was a time when I couldn’t do a single pull-up.  I was 40 pounds heavier, drank too much for my own good, and ate gummies and energy drinks like a highschool kid on summer break.  I am glad those days are behind me.  Now, I can do several pull-ups without stopping. Gummies are still one of man’s greatest creations. 

Also, I can speak 3 languages, rebuild a car engine, make my own wine, and have quite an extensive hat collection. The irony? I was once voted as having “best hair” in my younger days. (rolls eyes)

What Coach Colette had to say:

When I think about my Verge Family, Dom is one of the first names that pop into my head. Most of our time together is spent busting each other's chops and double dog-daring each other to do stuff like touch a bug or do some weird push up variations. As a coach, I love working with Dom. He is strong, talented, and has determination that is unmatched. As a friend I know Dom would give me (or anyone he loves) the shirt off his back. Dom is always one of the friendliest people in the room and his energy is infectious. I could go on but I don't want him to think I've gone soft.