I wanted to remind you...


A letter from a member.


I wanted to remind you of how special Verge really is and what you’ve accomplished. 
First off, thank you very much for all the support for this past weekend’s Festivus Games.  I know you’ve seen the video of me hitting my final 1-Rep-Max Thruster.  What you don’t know, which is exceptionally cheesy, is this is now my favorite personal sports moment.  That includes my winning countless karate competitions. 
While I was getting ready for one of the WODs, someone from NJ stopped and asked me where Verge was, I responded and he said “There are a lot of you here.”  We chatted just a bit and he conveyed to me at how impressed he was by the number of Verge people in attendance, who weren’t competing.  I agreed with him.
I think this weekend was so great because of all the support from the people at Verge.  When I was in the midst of the WOD, it was amazing to see everyone lined up cheering for me.  It was humbling and poignant.  I also realized that it wasn’t an accident.
So many people were there because you and the coaches do a great job at creating an extraordinarily supportive environment.  Case in point, I wouldn’t have made that final lift in the video if it wasn’t for Coach Jon.  I had missed two prior attempts at 225.  With about a minute left, he yelled at me “Mike!  215lbs!”  I immediately dropped the bar to that weight and the rest you can see in the video.  Gabe Pressman let me know that if you watch the video closely, at the moment I hit my lift, the camera shakes a little.  It was because Jon was cheering and knocked into him.  The rest of the cheers you hear in the video, it felt like, were for me by the Verge people there.  I had only experienced something like that once before, which I distinctly remember, when I won my first state karate championship.  It’s the kind of thing you never forget, even 25 years later.  Like I said, cheesy, but I don’t care.
Just a little stat, close to half of the Verge competitors this weekend were in the top 10 -15 in their respective divisions.  Again, that wasn’t an accident.
Sometimes, you need to remind entrepreneurs about the progress they’ve made and how valuable the service they provide is to their clients.
Just so you know, I may post this, or something like this, on Facebook.
See you at the box!


Too late Mike- we were so flattered we posted it first!  

Thank you endlessly.