Why don't you have a Muscle-Up?

To be perfectly honest it never even occurred to me that I should be doing muscle ups. I obviously knew about them and I guess I wanted one but it seemed so far away that I kind of just shrugged it off. It took another, more advanced female athlete to look at me and say, "why don't you have a muscle up?" for the light to go off in my head.

Ok...so we begin. First I told my coach my goal. "I want a muscle up."

Next, I asked my coach to help me set some realistic goals to achieve one. Then the real work began. He assigned me small and manageable weekly work to accomplish specified toward my goal. And, I did it. I did it every week just as he asked and I came back to him with my results. Although everyone's support and enthusiasm was tangible through their tips and tricks, the real progress began once I started working exclusively with my Coaches.

To have a muscle up and to be able to coach a muscle up are two very different things.  I kindly thanked my friends for their help but silently went forward with what Nick and I had planned out for me. Some days were very good some days were very bad. Lots of tears. It's an emotional movement to pursue. He reassured me every day I practiced or worked on them wasn't pass or fail, it wasn't I did or didn't do a muscle up. It was I worked on getting a muscle up. Sure I felt stupid getting up and flopping around on the rings at first because I felt like I didn't deserve to be there, I felt like I wasn't good enough but the truth is I had every right to go over and set rings that I could reach. Chelsey and I call these the "lady rings" cause damn we're short! At first it was flopping, then it was organized Kipping, then it was Kipping opening and pulling, then it was "hey Colette, go ahead and try to sit through" and with NO expectation of even getting one I did! I sat right through and screamed as loudly as I could. I took the pressure of "I have to get this right now" off and just like that I got it. Very rewarding.

I have worked on them diligently since then and I must say they never get easy but they do improve. Hopefully people read this and see there was no shortcut, no trick, no superhuman powers, I just trusted my coaches plan for me and did the hard work. So since these magical words meant so much to me I must ask you, "Why don't you have a muscle up?"