Member of the Month

Our Member of the Month is...
Vivian Godoy!

Member of the month is an honor that is earned by members who have gone beyond "just working out" to contribute positively to our community as a whole.  Each month, we select a member to recognize based on (but not limited too) their ability to exemplify the following: 

  1. A commitment to greatness
  2. Emphasis on movement standards
  3. Supportive of classmates (we are a TEAM!) 
  4. Introduces themselves to new faces
  5. A positive contribution to the classroom atmosphere- positive energy and enthusiasm
  6. Active participation and engagement throughout each aspect of class
  7. Dedicated to improvement and progress
  8. Shows pride for our community and shares it with others
  9. Wears and represents our box well
  10. Open to giving us feedback to improve overall experience

Time with us at Verge: 6 Months

Favorite thing about Verge: My 2 favorite things about Verge are the people and the energy of the place. I just moved from another country and was looking for a place that I could feel safe and good. And I am sure that I found it. People threat me so good. I feel very comfortable and respected there


Greatest accomplishment:   I will never forget the feeling of jumping my first 16 inches.  I was so afraid of trying it and then I just DID it. It felt amazing!


Favorite movement/lift:  I love the wall ball and the box jump! (You never asked but I will tell you anyway: I hate Burpees!)


One goal you are currently working on:   I have 2 main goals: make friends and loose wait. Making friends is the easiest part at verge but I will get there for both!

One thing people might not know about me: I hate to work out. I consider myself a very lazy person. I have tried (and paid) so many different things: running, Zumba, basketball, gym, yoga, Pilates… and I hated them all. I always had an excuse to stop it… But I never give up and I like new challenges. So I decided to try cross fit… And now I have to tell you that every day I look forward to the next class!! Thanks Verge for making my life easier, funny and healthier!!

Thanks for sharing, Viv!

Additionally, Viv has been promoted in her career, which is bittersweet for us.  While we won't be able to enjoy her smiling face and inspirational attitude day to day at Verge, we are excited to see her progress and will cherish the time we had with her. You will ALWAYS have a place at Verge!