The Grind: Part VI

Part VI:  Effort. It’s Between You and You.

As we’ve progressed through the Grind you, the reader, have gotten a look at the details that have gone into my program design. What you haven’t gotten, however, is a feel for how all of this stuff has impacted me as both a Weightlifter and a person.  

The short answer is: the impact has been immeasurable.

Sure, my weightlifting numbers may be improving (they have, and we will get to that); but more progress has been made in my everyday approach to life. What I eat (which we covered a couple of weeks ago ( how I train, how I spend my free time outside of training, even how much I sleep has been totally turned on its head, and it’s all aimed at achieving the greatest amount of progress in the shortest amount of time.  

The thing is, weightlifting is a grind (get it?), and so protecting my body has been huge.   As the work volume increased, aches and pains started to appear and they needed to be addressed.  To keep my body feeling loose and my mind clear, Coach Nick and I added focused mobility sessions that include everything from smashing and foam-rolling (and sometimes barbell rolling) the knots out of my muscles; to a daily yoga session with the guys of RomWOD (

In addition to becoming more mobile, I’ve gotten stronger!  8 weeks ago I had never snatched more than 165lbs/75kg, I had never cleaned and jerked more than 225/102 or squatted 300/136 while simultaneously weighing less than 200 pounds and on and on and on.  Now I’ve added significant weight to all those numbers.  In addition to adding strength, pursuing perfection in my form has made my movement patterns significantly more efficient.

All that extra mobility, form work, and strength base has lead to PRs on my snatch (180/82) clean (240/109), and clean and jerk (235/107).  As well as significant increases in all of the movements that go along with it.  It hasn’t been rocket science.  Coach Nick and I have tweaked things to suit my mobility needs, or adjusted the program on days that need to be a bit lighter to avoid burn out.  In short, I’ve stuck to the program to a tee and tried as hard as I could.

Effort is between you and you - and effort means progress. Until next week…keep grinding.