CrossFit Open 2016

Hey Verge Family,

It’s February, and that means that the CrossFit Open is upon us once again.  Verge is excited to be participating in our 5th consecutive “open season” in 2016, and we hope that you are as excited as we are!  We wanted to provide some basic info on how you can participate to your liking at Verge, but first we provided a link below for those who may be wondering what the heck the “Open” is.

Check it out…

     About the Open

Seems like a ton of fun right?  It is! 

 Ways to participate at Verge:

The Open is completely voluntary.  However, each year we do encourage athletes to get involved in some capacity for the many benefits of friendly competition, camaraderie and healthy activity included.  We realize that this is way outside the comfort zone for many of us…but that is the point!  Whether you register or not, the Open presents an awesome opportunity to shake up your training, reassess your fitness goals, buckle down, and identify some strengths and weaknesses along the way.  It also presents the opportunity to see our community at its finest.  Hoot and holler.  Cheer for each other.  Laugh, sweat and have fun.  We are all members of the Verge “team” regardless of registration status- lets make the boxes come alive with passion and energy.  Lets create a real team atmosphere!


Athletes who choose not to officially compete in the Open:

Every Friday for the duration of the Open, Verge will be running the respective Open workout in classes all day.  Yes, that means we wont know what the WOD is for Friday until the Thursday night announcement, just like you!  In this, any/everyone at Verge is welcome to participate “in spirit.” It is always fun to just be a part of a greater community and be doing the same workout that ~280,000 other people will be doing too!  If you aren’t concerned about submitting scores, seeing where you rank on a regional level, and just want to get your WOD in, cool…see you on Fridays.  Have fun and work hard!


Athletes who choose to officially compete in the Open:

 1.     You will complete the Open registration form here

2.     After you have registered sign up as a member of team “Verge Athletics”

a.     Under “Select an affiliate,” choose “I do not work out at an affiliate”

b.     This will allow you to find team Verge Athletics. 

c.      Join!

3.     You will be required to video your attempt at each Open workout in order to have a valid score submission.  Due to video submission requirements, we ask that Open athletes not join classes on Fridays to complete their Open WOD attempt, unless they just want to give it a test run (which may not be a bad idea).

4.     Rather, official Open athletes will be given preference in the facility during  “extra times” on Fridays and Mondays as well as one hour after classes on Sundays (Conshy 11am-12pm; Fort Wash 10am-11am).  In this, athletes will not have to worry much about space, time, or flow of a class.  They can warm up optimally (30-45 minutes recommended for most Open WODs), and get into the right head-space to put their best foot forward.  This both preserves the quality of classes and puts athletes in the best position to succeed.  If space permits, we welcome athletes to come in and get mobile/stretch and even begin warming up early so that they can make full use of the extra time.  However, classes always take priority during class times!

5.     Athletes may repeat the WOD as many times as they see fit.

6.     Athletes have until Monday @ 8pm EST to submit their best score via the games site.  CrossFit does not accept late scores for any reason whatsoever…and they mean it- so best not to flirt with the deadline.

7.     Have fun!

For these athletes, the Open is and should be, a commitment- we encourage them to treat it as such.  Clean up the eating.  Watch the boozin’.  Sleep better and talk to your coaches about preparation!  Do whatever you can to put in your best work for all 5 weeks.  As coaches, we look forward to helping athletes navigate each workout. 

Last but not least, we understand that times are a factor.  With 4 open seasons under our belt, the Verge staff prides itself on the ability to accommodate extenuating circumstances and schedules when necessary.  If you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out- we are here to help!


All the love,

Verge Staff