Verge Family,


In November of 2014 we re-branded our two beloved affiliates and unified them under the greater force that powers them, Verge Athletics.  With enhanced clarity, we laid the foundation for our direction and we begin 2016 with an exciting announcement that brings Verge one step closer to actualizing its vision.   


Verge has de-affiliated from CrossFit and we want to explain why.  Before we unpack our reasons, we’d like to make clear that our decision to move in this direction should not be assumed to mean that we take opposition to CrossFit, its community, or its methodology at all.  Quite contrary.  Clearly we embrace many of the principles of CrossFit as a training methodology and will continue to reflect our faith in those principles moving forward.  We deeply appreciate what CrossFit has done to change the perception of fitness globally, and understand that we owe much of our early success to the strength of their name.  Sincere gratitude. 


Despite our enthusiasm for CrossFit, we believe that our services have evolved to benefit athletes both within and outside of the CrossFit community alone.  We believe that we can provide our local fitness population a more tailored service without some of the expectations that often accompany entering a “CrossFit box” specifically.  As we continue to refine our philosophy(ies) towards fitness, it has become clear that the product we are building isn’t designed to define what type of athlete we think you should be (i.e. a CrossFitter).  It is designed to make you better as the type of athlete you would like to beAs we move forward, we don’t intend to overhaul the product you already know and love, but we do have plans to enhance it through better use of our space, unused times, and new programs. 


Over the past four years we have faithfully served anyone looking to have some fun, get in shape, and sweat with a community of likeminded people.  That will never change.  Along the way however, we have programmed for and built weightlifters, soccer, football and lacrosse players, as well as marathon runners, tri athletes, and CrossFitters alike.  We established a vision built indiscriminately around fitness and athleticism as a whole- not just one brand or program.  Therefore, the decision to part from CrossFit is also a commitment to become “more of ourselves,” so to speak. 


So what does this mean for Verge?  In a larger sense, it allows us to take complete control of our brand for good.  It provides us the freedom to support or distinguish ourselves from CrossFit as we please.  And, it allows us to continue to evolve and define Verge as a versatile fitness, strength and conditioning company of its own.  Of course, we have to modify our signage a bit but otherwise, it is business as usual.  We are committed to our vision of greatness in fitness and community.  We are dedicated to developing world-class coaches, athletes, and programming.  We still like lifting heavy sh*t and we haven’t put any zumba classes on the schedule (no diss, zumba is hard).  You will continue to recognize your workouts and yes, you will still use Wodify to record and track results.  We love data!  More than ever, we have plans to contribute positively to the CrossFit community and don’t have to be an affiliate to do so.  We will still participate in the Open and if you enjoyed calling yourself a CrossFitter, we encourage you to continue identifying as such…Verge trains lots of them.  Simultaneously however, we look forward to providing the avenues necessary for those whose goals require a specific approach.  Fitness and training are a journey, and we’d like to guide you though it.


We realize that there may be questions and encourage your respectful inquiry. Please feel free to reach out to Nick directly in person or via email (nick@vergeathletics.com) to chat!


-Verge Staff


P.S. The CrossFit community is rife with well-educated and intelligent people doing wonderful things for the fitness industry.  We look forward to learning from them in the future.  We also have tremendous respect for the thought leaders who have made this transition before us.  If you’re not familiar, check out Dallas and Melissa Hartwig from Whole9 Blog, former CrossFit Games Champ, James Fitzgerald from OPEX Fitness, or Greg Everett from Catalyst Athletics, among many others.