For the Girls

She woke up cozy, next to the person she loves.

I woke up frantic. Phone ringing and rushed.

My coffee was burnt

And hers was just fine.

My breakfast was fast.

Where she had more time.

We say our hellos and give a quick hug

And set up our stations for what lays above

Barbell to barbell she offers her love and I do the same until we've begun. 

It happens so quickly. A flash and a glance of who finished first and who's more advanced. 

We breakdown our barbells and give some high fives digging and needing to know who survived. 

Nothing is final. Today's just one day, but feelings get lost somewhere on the way. 

Although I am proud, of her and of me I can not ignore this feeling I feed. To scuff and to score just who won the war.

We hug and pat backs and give it a laugh for tomorrow brings more than her or my scores.  A challenge accepted by both of us girls to love and encourage each other's big worlds. 

I see her succeed which makes me believe it's possible for all! For her and for me! So no need to cut or chat or to stare when a woman does well be glad that she's there. To make you push harder and never give up, on something you love, On something so tough. 


I wrote this about all of the the girls who inspire me to be better, push harder and never give up. 


-Coach Colette