Embrace the Grind

Embrace the Grind

There is a select population that desires life's challenges. These challenges can be educational, spiritual, or physical. This group feeds off of their  flaws and imperfections and strives to correct them. This challenge  to improve drives them to chase their highest potential. Despite this immense desire to be better, they often face adversity at the height of achieving their goals.  But they do not back down from anything.  Instead, it makes them even more hungry for success... 

The need for Visualization is immense. 

Get inside your head! Paint yourself a perfect picture. How would it look if you nailed this lift? How will it feel if you hit each position just right? You need to make that feeling a habit. We'll call that your "batter's box" routine. Take Derek Jeter for example. Before he swings at a fast ball, you can see him adjust his batting gloves, hitch up his pants, knock the dirt off his cleats, adjust his helmet, then back to the gloves...He does this in the same exact order every time. Pyrros Dimas, a 3 time Olympic Gold medalist approaches his bar, stands up tall, gives a slight nod to the judges (even if they aren't there), takes his hook grip as he stares are the floor. He continues to bounce his hips preparing for his dynamic start. Gets monotonous right? These athletes have swung a bat or lifted a barbell thousands of times. Their persistence rewarded them with a game winning RBI and 3 Olympic Gold medals. Persistence always wins. 

Create your routine so that these small successes become habitual. First, picture yourself during your warm-up. You wrap your wrists with the same exact number of rotations each time. A perfect wrap. Next, you slip your OLY shoes on. They are scratched, smudged, and worn from countless training sessions but they fit just right. The shoes smell of chalk and   sweat. Convince yourself that you feel better than you ever have. You know what a good day feels like, make it part of your routine. When finishing your warm-up, visualize exactly how this lifting session will go. When first touching the bar embrace the rough texture. Feel out your hook grip. Tell yourself that you are stronger than yesterday even though your hands are ripped or forearms are tight. Feel out the corners of your shoulders and hips. "That's a quick fix," you tell yourself. Sit in the bottom of the Snatch, close your eyes because this is just another day at the office. In your head, you are a veteran. Force yourself to only see and feel success. 

Understand that you will miss lifts and you will fail often but ultimately you will learn from it. With persistence, your misses will become made lifts. Visualize success. Embody these feelings so that when you approach your challenge, mentally you already achieved it. 

Stay hungry...


-Coach Clay