Welcome to the new Verge.

With the launch of our new site in a few hours time, the finishing touches will finally be placed on what was a tremendous team effort. As you familiarize yourself with our improved image, it is important to understand that this project was about much more than new logos or a fresh coat of paint. Yeah, we are excited about that too, but our motives were far less tangible. Rather, this is about our team, our community, and our unified identity. It is about the standards and expectations we have for ourselves as coaches, athletes, and individuals. It was about our commitment to being among the premier CrossFit facilities in the world- a mission we take extremely seriously. Of course, we understand that our colors or logos could never meet this end on their own. Our brand is only as strong as we make it. In that vein, we should mention that we couldn’t be more proud or grateful to have this exact community of people as teammates and ambassadors for our mission. Be great. Uphold the standard. Hope that you are all as excited as we are. Thank you.