Happy 3rd Birthday CFC!

We are incredibly proud to announce that today, November 14, 2014 marks the three year anniversary of CrossFit Conshohocken's opening, and the beginning of Verge Athletics as we know it.  Three years ago, we were nothing more than a 1500 sq ft facility with white walls, concrete floors, a handful of equipment and ZERO members.  We didn't care.  We were full of hope and excitement for our new endeavor- and we didn't have to get "real jobs!"  Today, Verge is a dual location company (shout out to my CFFW homies) and CFC has doubled its size, blossoming into a living, breathing community of incredible people.  

As I reflect on our growth, I want to express my sincere gratitude for every member of our Verge community.  Your trust and sweat have afforded us the opportunity to treat each day with the same original hope and excitement we did on day one.  I'd also like to thank our awesome Verge coaches whose trust and respect have changed me forever.  You are my family and I couldn't love you more.

To many more years of growth and excitement!